Earthwork [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Earthwork:

The underground earthwork at the House ranch lay near the highest point of the property, overlooking the river valley.

My words only prompt you to throw up another earthwork at the point attacked.

On the crest of the swell Moore had thrown up a slight earthwork, which was manned when we approached.

This conversion of earthwork into stone in the age of Severus can be paralleled from other parts of the Roman empire.

There seemed to be a blockhouse on shore, and a kind of earthwork, near which was a flagstaff, but no flag was exhibited.

The principal battery consisted of a semicircular earthwork, in which were embrasures for 13 guns.

At the lower end of the city, covering the landing-place, rose a high earthwork crowned with cannon.

The General inspected an earthwork which the Captain was constructing, conversed with him, and invited him to his tent.

Boulevard is the technical name for a kind of earthwork used in the early days of cannon.

Over the top of this earthwork frowned the muzzles of two heavy guns, in front yawned a ditch twelve feet wide by six deep.