Contravention [noun]

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The first banishment for contravention of this regulation took place on January 6, 1905.

Any law made in contravention of this section shall be void.

"Plump 'em up, and make 'em dainty," he advanced in contravention of his wife's talk of bread and beef.

This was in contravention to the solemn assurance given by the eastern Indians, of peace with New England.

Whenever a minister found himself galled or hindered, he would be inclined to suppose some contravention of the Bible.

Agreements made in contravention of this provision shall be void.

The police authorities may enforce the dismissal of workers employed in contravention of the foregoing prohibitions.

Any person who acts in contravention of § 115a, or of the statutory provisions laid down on the grounds of § 119a.

The magistrates held that there was no contravention of the Act, and dismissed the case.

It is in “apparent connection with the altar,” and the vicar must know that this is a contravention of the law.