Insurgency [noun]

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In the aftermath of an insurgency that briefly occupied the US Capitol, corporate America is flexing its political muscle.

If you’re dealing with an insurgency or a criminal group, they’ll probably have an ability to tax wherever you are.

Naeem Akhtar, former minister, Jammu and KashmirThe regional police have declared Tral free of militants for the first time since the start of the armed insurgency in Kashmir three decades ago.

In short, insurgency ceased to be a valid plea; if it existed in fact, officially it had become a dead letter.

The people of Virginia were most anxious to get rid of a band of malefactors guilty of insurgency, conspiracy, and rebellion.

No insurgency of words arose in denunciation of the wrong done to her nature.

One could easily imagine it to be a congress of crows exorcised over an insurgency move and demanding the previous question.

Their father had been a stalwart before them in Iowa, where Cummins had created so much commotion with his insurgency.

He abused idleness, and by implication the dilettante insurgency fostering it.

President Cleveland's proclamation recognized insurgency as a status distinct from belligerency.