Heresy [noun]

Definition of Heresy:

unorthodox opinion, especially in religious matters

Synonyms of Heresy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heresy:

Sentence/Example of Heresy:

Days later, Bridenstine took this heresy further when he suggested SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket could boost humans to the Moon.

That might sound like heresy coming from a veteran journalist, and Cose knows it.

Joan Boughton, a widow, was burned for heresy; said to be the first female martyr of England.

Probably this is due to the long association of intellectuality and science with heresy.

John Penry, an English controversial writer, executed for heresy against the episcopacy.

Constantine (the Great) called the first council of Nice to determine on the Arian heresy.

Third cumenical council assembled at Ephesus, to execute the decree of pope Celestine as to the heresy of Nestorius.

He was not a worshipper of the god of gold; he loved poetry for itself and preferred beauty to utility—enormous heresy!

Open heresy could not be permitted, nor any worship that was adjudged to be distinctly prejudicial to the interests of the State.

To abandon any part of the inheritance of primitive times would be gross heresy, a fatal dereliction of Christian duty.