Dissidence [noun]

Definition of Dissidence:

difference of opinion

Synonyms of Dissidence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissidence:

Sentence/Example of Dissidence:

There have, however, been a few dissenters: and I venture to join myself to them in the very dissidence of their dissent.

So much is said nowadays about the dissidence of the spiritual and intellectual worlds.

That is how St. Paul describes the dissidence of dissent, as it was known to him by grievous experience.

He regarded heterodoxy as a power in itself, and took his inacquaintance with doctrines for a creative dissidence.

This is the just and honourable ground of that dissidence of feeling on the part of Talleyrand that culminated in desertion.

He represented what Macaulay termed the very dissidence of dissent.

It was inevitable that such a religion should breed dissidence and such a priesthood provoke revolt.

But the inconvenience of such dissidence from the general body of Western Christendom was soon felt.

He evidently understood neither the "dissidence of dissent" nor the Anglicanism of the Anglican Communion.

The dulness of unquestioning undiscriminating belief was disturbed by the freshening breezes of dissidence and discussion.