Defection [noun]

Definition of Defection:


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Sentence/Example of Defection:

The defections underscore the urgency of Republicans’ efforts to stem their demographic decline.

Offseason defections hit the program hard after it reeled off 17 consecutive wins and was a legit national championship contender before the pandemic ended last season early.

His first wife, an Englishwoman with whom he had three children, divorced him after his defection.

Winning the Senate races there would likely mean that Democrats have 53 or 54 seats overall, giving them room for defections on key votes.

Over the past 20 years, most defections have involved North Koreans fleeing south — an estimated 33,600 have done so, though about 900 are unaccounted for.

Faithless little Judy had shown her defection from Aunty Rosa already.

Cotgrave gives us: 'Faillance, f. a defection, failing, decaying.'

Since Jonathan Maxfield's defection, he might be considered the leading member of the Methodist congregation.

The Kinghampstead division remained for some time insensitive to my defection.

The line which he immediately took was still more alarming to the Administration than the act of defection.