Expostulate [verb]

Definition of Expostulate:

reason with

Synonyms of Expostulate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expostulate:


Sentence/Example of Expostulate:

Situated as we were, we did not feel ourselves at liberty to expostulate against the obvious unreasonableness of their demands.

“Yes,” replied the seamen, unanimously; and Ready knew that it was in vain to expostulate.

To expostulate with the rebellious house of Israel he was sent.

And so great had been my surprise over these last acquirements of the captain that until now I had had no breath to expostulate.

Let us expostulate with these learned sages, these priests of the sacred temple of justice.

I was passing through the street to my little school, when I saw your peril, and felt it my duty to expostulate with the people.

Whatever they directed, it was in vain to expostulate; fetters, and bread and water, were the sure consequences of resistance.

It was something unheard of in military tradition, but this was no time to expostulate or object.

He no longer absolutely refused to comply with my requisition, but condescended to expostulate with me.

The pitmen used to expostulate with him on these occasions, believing his experiments to be fraught with danger.