Journey [noun]

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If either is selected, it would not launch until 2026 at the earliest, and would take at least a few months to make the journey.

The job is a cherry on top, but the journey and the experience of being able to audition and leave your heart in the room and feel good about it, no matter what happens, that’s rare and that was amazing.

Cross-device measurement helps connect the dots of your customer’s journey and ensures you know how effective your campaigns are at driving user behavior.

You are somewhat of a new grandmother and you’ve been enjoying that journey.

Instead of having numerous articles addressing each of these particular questions, brands and publishers could consolidate this information as it is all pertinent to the same stage of the journey that the user is in.

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For example, we have a strong, long-standing relationship with Tesco that’s carried over into commerce to the point where we’ve been able to work closely with them this year as it goes on its own journey toward scaling an e-commerce business.

On the 11-day journey, you’ll stay at three family-run ranches that have made huge progress in conservation-based tourism.

B2B brands should track the customer journey throughout the whole funnel, from the very first website visit to conversions such as offer registrations.

The stories in the book are helping to guide me into the next phase of my journey.