Pilgrimage [noun]

Definition of Pilgrimage:

long journey

Synonyms of Pilgrimage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pilgrimage:


Sentence/Example of Pilgrimage:

Moreover, all the fourteen trains of the pilgrimage were timed to leave that day.

And did Bernadette ever extend the pilgrimage of her dreams as far as Bartres?

And thus Rome was become the place of pilgrimage for all the West.

Our pilgrimage was, apparently, ended—it had become an indefinite stay.

What sunny memories were woven in that pilgrimage for the strollers!

Several years later the pilgrimage of Christiana was written.

Were there no hardships, this would be no pilgrimage worthy of the name.

And will not the days of the years of our pilgrimage be as short as theirs?

He said that by the mercy of the Most High he was going on a pilgrimage.

It was about some Malay returning from pilgrimage with wife and children.