Saunter [noun]

Definition of Saunter:


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Sentence/Example of Saunter:

You stop short, and swallow hard, and saunter into camp as one indifferent.

He only nodded carelessly, and continued to saunter about as if no bull was near him.

We'll saunter slowly up to the village, and you can follow us.

He don't know me from Adam and I'll just saunter up and collar him.

They used to saunter, arm in arm, up and down the alleys and walks of the garden.

When he is being played, many of us have to rush away and saunter in the foyer.

In the meantime Harry proposed a saunter in the field adjoining the fort.

Mr. Corbet used to leave his tutor and Mr. Wilkins and saunter into the library.

Let's saunter along the beach, and sit down a bit, my Queen Bee.

He might sit on this porch another hour, might saunter off toward the creek.