Pavement [noun]

Definition of Pavement:


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Sentence/Example of Pavement:

The man was stretched on the pavement brutishly drunk and dead to the world.

His ardent young eyes worshiped her as he stood on the pavement.

Thus it was possible to ring the doorbell from the pavement, and this the stranger did.

He hesitated on the pavement, his eyes searching the shadowy balcony.

There was no indication of the six miles of pavement which later were to be Fallon's pride.

The conductor was standing on the pavement when John descended.

He came to a stand on the very edge of the pavement, and waited.

The other man spat suddenly on the pavement, and gurgled in his throat.

But, by the time he reached the pavement, the inmates were descending.

You say that you have as much right to walk on the pavement as I. I admit it.