Highlight [noun]

Definition of Highlight:

memorable part

Synonyms of Highlight:

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Sentence/Example of Highlight:

I’m sure there are fans or media personnel who can’t wait to go back to covering Luka Dončić triple-doubles and James Harden highlights and all that.

With the season having started at the start of August, those subscribers also get to watch 15-minute highlights of matches 24 hours after they’ve aired on broadcaster Sky Sports before they get to watch the full match a week after it has aired.

We detailed our process for constructing those polling averages when we released them, so I’ll just review the highlights here.

To recreate the event feeling it streamed old FA Cup games from the 1990s and 2000s once a week, supplemented with several recaps and story-focused highlights of specific players or teams.

Read on for highlights of what we learned from each of our panelists.

The workers in the crowd, who were from all divisions, weren’t always impressed with the highlighted big-budget output of the movie studio.

When I asked him for a highlight of the last few months, he didn’t pick a memorable win or point to surging viewer numbers.

The country’s enormously effective testing regime in January was an exemplary highlight of how contact tracing can plug the viral gush at the beginning of an outbreak.

One highlight of the bird-banding demonstration is the opportunity for each student to have a moment of gentle hands-on contact with a live wild bird.

The bumble bee transcription project is currently one of the highlighted projects on the site.