Indebtedness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Indebtedness:

“NewLight did this both to resolve all past indebtedness owed by the hospital, but also as a gesture of good will,” Hughes said.

I cant let you increase your indebtedness, and his pudgy hand lifted the basket and put it on the shelf behind him.

But a bank can retain a dividend that has been declared to reduce the indebtedness of the owner to the bank for his stock.

For, to do this is to reduce its assets or fund for paying its indebtedness, which the law will not permit to be done.

A corporation has no lien on its stock for the indebtedness of the owner unless conferred by charter or statute.

In reply to the question as to his indebtedness, the client or the patient is told: "What you please."

He continually, by devout recollection of his indebtedness to God, seeks to keep himself in hand.

The indebtedness to the Italian critics is well known and has been widely discussed.

"After I have cancelled my indebtedness to you," she said, serenely.

The fever for speculation grew rapidly, large additions were made to the national indebtedness, and the premium on gold doubled.