Horseplay [noun]

Definition of Horseplay:

rough play

Synonyms of Horseplay:

Opposite/Antonyms of Horseplay:


Sentence/Example of Horseplay:

Shouting, singing, and indulging in horseplay the savages crowded round, watching the process.

A gentleman commoner of Queen's was president of a 'hellfire club,' and brutal horseplay was still practised upon the weaker lads.

It was pleasant enough looking horseplay; the sort of intimacy that people have when they've been together for a long time.

He seemed to treat the whole proceeding as a bit of horseplay, joking profanely with his captors, boasting of his crimes.

After an hour's horseplay they trooped back to the cabin and soon had breakfast out of the way.

The bears themselves perform their parts most decorously, without any horseplay or clowning.

Evidently considering that he had a safe lead the Major cut out the conversation and the horseplay and settled down to par golf.

Those left behind were trying to amuse themselves by games and horseplay.

But you may look on at a Kirchweih from morning till night without seeing either horseplay or drunkenness.

Horseplay and practical jokes have been tolerated, at various times and places, at weddings.