Rowdiness [noun]

Definition of Rowdiness:

practical joke; frivolity

Synonyms of Rowdiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rowdiness:

Sentence/Example of Rowdiness:

Even in the relapse into rowdiness there is a sort of relapse into comfort.

Valletta is well policed; rowdiness does not obtrude itself upon the stranger.

He is averse to rowdiness or horse-play of any kind, and avoids giving offence.

Such establishments could not continue to exist if rowdiness and horseplay were permitted without protest.

There was no flaunting vice, no rowdiness, no drunkenness, only the squalor of an Oriental city without its quaintness and colour.

It does not come in their way to go forth and exhibit their rowdiness among strangers.

At times there were manifestations of rowdiness, but they were speedily and readily quelled.