Preferment [noun]

Definition of Preferment:

bettering; something bettered

Opposite/Antonyms of Preferment:

Sentence/Example of Preferment:

But he had resolved to refuse any appointment, any preferment.

So the most attractive women will compete for your preferment.

It is the only standard of advancement, and there is no other instrument of preferment.

Which is an Art restored, and of my preferment to your Seruice.

If so, all holders of preferment in the University should make as quiet an exit as they can.

However, you are now in the high road to preferment, so we will not be dull.

But Lee could only see in it a struggle for personal favor and preferment.

He received an offer of the Bishopric of Rochester; but this preferment he declined.

Why did you recommend him to his superiors for preferment on the next vacancy?

Gold was the only passkey to justice, to preferment, or to power.