Diminishing [verb]

Definition of Diminishing:

become or cause to be less

Synonyms of Diminishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diminishing:

Sentence/Example of Diminishing:

Altogether, it seems that not more than one-third of our fast diminishing total are available for actual fighting purposes.

Consequently an amendment may be made diminishing the weekly allowance to a member who is sick, and also the time of allowing it.

For how otherwise but by diminishing wages can they repay themselves for lost time, for trouble, and for expense?

This abuse, as the years went on, instead of diminishing grew in strength if not in grace.

Besides, the whole of a rich chocolate cake does have a diminishing effect upon even such appetites as Peter's.

Under favourable conditions as many as four or five of these successive diminishing surf lines may be seen.

Harney untied the horse, and they drove off through the diminishing rain, which was already beaded with sunlight.

The object of his present motion was to give relief by diminishing the pressure of the local burdens to which land was subject.

Sir C. Knightley moved, that instead of diminishing the duty on newspapers, the duty on soap should be reduced.

However, the six oarsmen of the patrician craft were rapidly diminishing the distance.