Distancing [verb]

Definition of Distancing:

dissociate oneself; leave behind

Synonyms of Distancing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distancing:

Sentence/Example of Distancing:

Aware that the Sioux were distancing them, the Pawnee hunters were shouting encouragement to their tribesmen.

It sank in Rhoda like the preaching of an end that was promise of a beginning, and girdled a distancing land of trouble.

This very rarely happens, as he is a crack shot, easily distancing the other competitors.

The heartless master plunged the spurs into his horse's sides, for the dogs were out-distancing him.

The moon has far more majesty when but distancing the tree-tops than when rolling apparently at random through an empty sky.

As it was, even with sinking to its shoulders at every plunge, the big brute was slowly distancing the boy.

The coachman drove off rapidly down the main avenue, distancing the enthusiasts who would have had the horses out of the shafts.

But it was not his speed alone, out-distancing every rival, that made the young Greek stand out from among his fellows that day.

For five miles they kept ahead of us, rushing out at each successive stretch of water, and fairly distancing us in a straight run.

In spite of the difficulties to be surmounted, I had hopes that I was once more distancing my pursuers, when my poor steed fell.