Traitor [noun]

Definition of Traitor:

person who is disloyal

Opposite/Antonyms of Traitor:

Sentence/Example of Traitor:

"You were always a cur and a traitor, Mark Shaw," cried Aylward.

We girls used to wonder what the lovers talked about while they waited for the traitor.

All that is now doubtful concerning this man is, whether he was a coward or a traitor.

Robin tells me, that the Joseph Leman, whom you mention as the traitor, saw him.

The governor, a coward or a traitor, rendered thee to the rebellious crowd.

If I be so, I am a traitor to the king should I reveal his secret.

None suspect that the potent santon is the traitor Jew; but I know it!

That woman should be taught what it costs to play the traitor.

Now, out on love, if it is to turn a true man into a traitor!

But for thee, proud man, I might have been a hero, and for thee I am a traitor and a renegade.