Rebel [adjective]

Definition of Rebel:

not obeying

Synonyms of Rebel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebel:

Sentence/Example of Rebel:

Now, Renmark, you are more of a rebel at the present moment than O'Neill.

These committees of the rebel scoundrels have been active for months, all about us.

I must tell you, Madam, said he, that you give the rebel courage.

The senior partner was regarding the rebel with grave-eyed reproach.

This time they did not dare to rebel, for they felt she was in the right; they were unreasonable.

We use them for prisons for those of the rebel army that we capture.

He was anxious to assume his station in the war against the rebel Moors.

Burnside took care of the army, no doubt, but it was of the rebel army.

They say the orchestra are going to rebel against von Francius.

They rebel, they fight, they try to avoid things, they try to bring things about.