Renegade [adjective]

Definition of Renegade:


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Sentence/Example of Renegade:

I told him to kill you, you lying, renegade Injun—and if he couldn't, I can!

But he had seen some renegade priests and had despised them.

"One does not hinder the other," said the renegade, dissembling.

"I have saved you from his infernal machinations;" said the renegade.

But for thee, proud man, I might have been a hero, and for thee I am a traitor and a renegade.

Had it not been for the quick action of the renegade all might have been lost.

It turned out that the girl was the man's daughter, and he was a renegade from Ceuta.

For a spell she stood there with horror and loathing of that renegade corsair in her soul.

Look at those renegade 296 Mexicans, every man armed by you with a rifle and a revolver!

In Ireland his life was forfeit, Great Britain counted him renegade and traitor.