Traducer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Traducer:

He was mortified and angry, and yet he was helpless because his traducer was a woman.

Her tone was full of abhorrence for this traducer of the man she loved and trusted.

Jeff launched his horse at the traducer, but Gibson spurred aside.

He is neither the apologist, nor the traducer of his heroine.

It will, of course, rest with him whether an action is taken against his traducer.

In this refined and chastened style did the defenders of American cultivation preserve its reputation from its traducer.

The Queen's magnanimity and clemency to her traducer Jasper Judge in the same year called forth a warm eulogium.

She is making gifts of a Yule day, and gives her traducer a red ring, meaning a rope round his neck.

Mr. Blake's eyes were raptly fixed on his accuser—his traducer, as we secretly defined him.

He was at first a friend of the pilgrims, but became at length their traducer.