Assailant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assailant:

In the distance he saw his late assailant running hard; the coach had disappeared.

So long as he had to deal with a single assailant he saw no need to move from so excellent a position.

If Mr. Adams fell where he was struck, the assailant must have had that door directly before him.

Now if he saw the tragedy from this point, he saw it over the assailant's shoulder, instead of face to face.

A second curse, and the assailant ghost-like was gliding amongst the orchard trees.

Valmond was in the grasp of a giant, and, struggle as he might, he could not withstand the powerful arms of his assailant.

Finding herself unable to regain her grip on the girl, she turned with a fierce howl upon her assailant.

When made angry he retires backwards, always facing his assailant, and shakes his head very forcibly.

Her own sisters would defend her from every other assailant.

But he was not conscious of any particular ill-will toward his assailant.