Informer [noun]

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Dale, an indefatigable informer, was consumed by vermin, and died a miserable spectacle.

Kurt then suddenly understood that his impudent small sister had probably been the informer and he did not know what to answer.

The informer, blank-faced and stern, noted the crime and informed the police.

One morning the informer was found by the jailer hanging to the bars of his window.

How comes it that he is not produced here to tell your Lordships who was his informer, and what he knows of the transaction?

Before you could have been entitled to the information you have asked of me, you should have given up the name of your informer.

Shall we, who earn our livelihood by generous daring, be indebted for a penny to the vile artifices of the informer?

I couldn't make out at first what made Milly, turn informer against us; but I know now how it was.

The informer hearing that and seeing the justice angry, went away in a fret; so he was disappointed of his purpose.

One of his neighbors, an informer, named Richardson, asked a countryman to break the post down with his cart.