Rat [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rat:

Mr. COX said he could not smelt a pig, but he thought he smelt a rat.

Was the occupant a rat or a skunk, and if so, what was he going to do?

I suppose I could if I wished; but then one must rat—that's a bore.

Not a rat could have crawled out since we came, nor could one have gone in.

So, he got the copper and the nails and the pot and the rat that could speak, and the Devil vanished.

Report says also that he has the instinct of a rat in quitting a falling house.

If you have a mind to rat, rat sans phrase, and run over to the Jewish side.

But what if he should smell a rat, and want to be looking into my affairs?

As soon as I judged her safe in bed, I dropped the rat with a plump.

I laughed in my sleeve, thinking how little her cat could protect her from my rat.