Pulley [noun]

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Some of these devices are, the wedge, the screw, the pulley and the inclined plane.

In the drawing (A) is the shaft, with a pulley (A), which turns in the direction of the arrow (B).

It is drawn up and let down by a cord passing over a pulley.

A pulley over the vat to draw out the rod or net is convenient.

The next operation was the reeving of the ropes over the wheels of the pulley.

In most cases counter-extension may be best managed by a weight and pulley.

The Dear Me was not anchored, but moored to the pier by a pulley and tackle.

Zittelhof was just leavin', havin' got in his pulley things to lower 'em.

“You are right, lads, and Pulley is innocent,” said the skipper.

Pulleys, pulley rims, and a hundred and one other jobs are built by this method.