Ruse [noun]

Definition of Ruse:

trick, deception

Synonyms of Ruse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruse:

Sentence/Example of Ruse:

Her ruse of spoliation within the law was evidence of her shrewdness, nothing more.

Mansoor feared that it was a ruse, and that the house was being watched, back and front.

This ruse of the Indians was discovered on Friday, the 11th.

Whatever had been done at the lesser gate had been done as a ruse, I did not doubt.

The ruse succeeded to the extent of compelling the Parisian to retreat.

Could that suggestion of his have been merely a ruse to separate your assistants from you?

I'm afraid that it is only a ruse to cover a scheme of benevolence!

He guessed it for a ruse and a bit of play-acting, and sprang in.

This ruse is carried out to the letter, with interesting results.

The ruse is successful, but leaves Cecil still indignant with Molly.