Doting [adjective]

Definition of Doting:

indulgent; serving

Synonyms of Doting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doting:

Sentence/Example of Doting:

Xenie had small need for these things in the lonely life to which she found herself condemned by her foolish, doting old husband.

For what else did she stand at the head of her class, and had doting parents paid three years' tuition?

Everybody but the doting old Duchess knew him to be a bully, a coward, and a knave.

Once he sat doting beside her at twilight on a bench of the wide gallery while his sister, near by, kept guard over their talk.

She merely consented to make him useful, much as she might a convenient and altogether doting but uninteresting grandmother.

Age on my head hath stuck no white hairs yet, Yet I'm an old man, a fond doting fool Upon a woman.

Would his handsome person atone, in the eyes of doting parents, for the seduction of their daughters?

In such places the children are the victims of all the caprices of doting affection and all the excesses of lascivious cruelty.

Next Forbes noted a doting smile half hidden by a saluting hand.

Mrs. Tootle, the flute, is of a romantic turn of mind, doting on moonlight and warbling birds and babbling brooks.