Intermediary [noun]

Definition of Intermediary:

person who negotiates

Synonyms of Intermediary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intermediary:


Sentence/Example of Intermediary:

Instead, Liang pointed to the possibility that the virus jumped across species in nature through intermediary hosts such as pangolins, cats or minks.

He reached out to Podhorzer, through an intermediary both men declined to name.

Clearing houses — the intermediary between stock buyers and sellers — are in the headlines in a way they haven't been since the 2008 financial crisis.

A multi-state antitrust suit filed in December claimed Google uses its “massive information advantage strategically to harm any publisher who refuses to use its intermediaries.”

Tapjoy’s business model has been to serve as an intermediary between advertisers, gamers and game developers.

In many ways, RISC is designed to be that kind of intermediary between academic ideas and real-world application.

Second, as a relatively new advertising territory, the CTV marketplace is a competitive space populated by multiple suppliers and intermediaries.

The directive also says EU countries can’t force these intermediaries—these days known as platform operators—to proactively monitor everything that happens on their platforms.

Yin Weidong said in court that he arranged the cash drop-off through an intermediary, wary of repercussions if he handled it personally.

While it is possible to buy and sell crypto without an intermediary—allowing users to transact in near-anonymous fashion—most users turn to services like Coinbase, which provide a link to the conventional banking system.