Mediator [noun]

Definition of Mediator:

person who negotiates agreement

Synonyms of Mediator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mediator:

Sentence/Example of Mediator:

Was there no prophet, no redemption, no mediator for such as these?

"Let me act as mediator," interrupted Sir George Templemore.

But what is more, wine does the office of a mediator between enemies.

He therefore approached the regent under the guise of mediator.

He was called savior and mediator and sometimes figured as a lamb.

(f.) On occasion she was a mediator when there was strife in families, or among friends.

If you do so, I will be your mediator with the Norridgewocks.

In the transition from dualism to monism Malebranche served as a mediator.

I cannot allow any mediator between myself and Mr. Nejdanov.

He is a "daimon," a mediator between the earthly and the divine.