Emissary [noun]

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Infused with social media–savvy prose and all the latest tech fads—from cryptocurrency to brain-computer interfaces—the story unfolds through retelling from the alternating points of view of an alien emissary’s closest friends.

Instead, he sent mid-level emissaries to assure the solicitous officials his company would sort things on its own.

The consequence was, the disappointed emissary of these double treasons, immediately accused him of his own crimes.

Father Gavazzi, an emissary of the pope to America, caused a riot by his preaching at Montreal.

Here was a spy from "the crowd," an emissary of "the modern."

Napoleon has sent the man on as an emissary, but Delessart will not allow him to speak.

In reply to this Sapazani and his induna put a number of questions to the emissary, as the way of natives is.

I am no emissary—I did not wish to deliver up my country to a foreign power, and least of all, to France.

The emissary returned and said to the two kings: 'You have the Queen's wishes to finish the work that you began.'

The Chinese officer replied that they should not be brought, but that the emissary of the Emperor ought to be received.