Envoy [noun]

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He's named former secretary of state John Kerry as international climate envoy and former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy as national climate adviser.

He vows to reappoint a special envoy to advance international LGBTQ rights, form a coalition of countries to advance international LGBTQ rights and guide the GLOBE Act into passage, as the Blade reported.

English influence was all-powerful at Lisbon and the new envoy had not the talent to counteract it.

He was in the habit of visiting or writing to them; and here the elders sent to him, if they happened to have a trustworthy envoy.

He was at the time envoy to Spain, and the deed was perpetrated by six exiled royalists there.

And thirdly, Fortune cannot well have the 'envoy' unless she has the stanza preceding it.

The envoy no sooner opened his case and made known his message, than Thurlow cut short all further argument.

Three years later he became Envoy, and held the post till his death in 1786.

He served for some years in the army, and in 1755 was sent to Turin as envoy extraordinary.

"I know Christophe," said Chaudieu, in a positive tone, as he turned to leave the envoy from Geneva.