Legate [noun]

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If not, let the full powers of an ambassador be sent to the cardinal legate at Paris; in any case, let there be an end to menaces.

She had disdained to make terms for herself, so the legate cast Marzia and her children into prison.

Before he came forward to meet her, he observed the Legate walking swiftly after her, so he remained hidden.

The Legate smiled, a cold, hard smile, fully master of himself again.

He ordered the legate therefore to be detained in Flanders till his threats had obtained from the Pope an order for his recall.

The new legate, who arrived in Germany in December 1518, was careful as he came along to ascertain the state of public opinion.

It was a joyous repast, and when the parting hour arrived, the legate took the heretical doctor in his arms and kissed him.

But the coldness of the Diet did not try the patience of the legate so much as the coldness of Rome.

The emperor's courtiers were alarmed, but no one felt so indignant as the papal legate.

The pope committed the decision to his legate in Switzerland, and the bishops of Lausanne and Sion.