Vicar [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vicar:

Katharine, dear, are you going to the vicar's garden party this afternoon?

Mrs. Cambray put in a word of hope and fear about Vicar's Dale.

Get me the rector of the parish—a vicar, a curate, something of that sort.

The young men had their House of Commons, with their vicar as Speaker.

I succeeded him as vicar, remaining there from 1870 to 1880.

His father was vicar of St. Michael's there for twenty-seven years.

We were just going to offer our Vicar, but he has no inscription on him.

One of them was the girl of the vicar's pew, grown taller and more winsome.

Some time in the afternoon he heard the voice and step of the vicar in the room below.

Perhaps, after all, she had no business in this house—perhaps the vicar was right.