Priest [noun]

Definition of Priest:

man who is minister in roman or orthodox catholic church

Synonyms of Priest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Priest:


Sentence/Example of Priest:

At that she begins to scream, but the priest he wouldn't let go.

“Alack for the unhappy lads; and alack for those who egged them on,” said the priest.

He knew that his case was hopeless, and he would not thaw even to the priest.

The services of the priest had then to be dispensed with for weeks, even months, at a time.

Him the Indians killed, and the priest who was with him they frightened away.

Now Silvio crept forth, for he had the priest in great respect now that he was so close to him.

"Et omnibus habitantibus in ea," replied the priest in a lower tone.

It was the priest who came out from the confessional of Saint Joseph and shut the door after him.

We shall be married soon--now, if there is a priest among you!

The priest had seen it, for he had the child pickaback and was running across the sward.