Cleric [noun]

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His friends now wondered at the cleric and very official-looking nature of his position.

A cleric declares that he was at heart not a bad child but had been harmed by bad examples.

They send a messenger to the cleric, that water be brought to them in the field.

In a passion, he cursed the cleric, crying: 'As the minister of the devil, thou canst only guide to hell!

"Paint the soul, never mind the legs and arms," recommended the cleric in Fra Lippo Lippi.

He was followed in 1716 by M. Jean Jacques Talbot, a cleric in minor orders, who taught for about forty years.

M. Jean Girard, a simple tonsured cleric, arrived in 1724 and died here February 25, 1765.

Nor did the Prince's interview with the young cleric improve matters.

During the last words Cray had sprung or staggered to his feet and was regarding the cleric with agitated eyes.

So they, filled with joy on hearing the words of the cleric, came to the shore, and placed themselves under his care.