Parson [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Parson:

I am sure, as you know, no one ever stood by me—when there was a parson at hand.

"We were going to hunt up a parson in Upper Chester," said the Captain, sheepishly.

"You shall go upon the very first boat we can catch," said the parson.

Parson Jones lifted out one of the bags, and it jingled as he did so.

"That goes very well with the initial on the kerchief," said Parson Jones.

At the worst, you can, no doubt, get the parson to forget all about it—to stay away.

If you was not a parson, I would not take these words; but your gown protects you.

"I dare say the Parson is right, in the main," said the Doctor.

Nothing would serve the squire but that the youngest must be made a parson.

The parson and his wife had just ended a long dispute when the lovers came to the door.