Clergyman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clergyman:

I was once present at a dispute between a layman and a clergyman, upon the subject of dreams.

The special license had arrived; the young clergyman who was to perform the service was located at Hartledon.

He was rather silent, they observed; but the young clergyman, who made the fourth at the table, was voluble by nature.

Vincent Alsop died; a presbyterian clergyman, who attacked Dr. Sherlock with great wit and some seriousness.

And do not forget that your brother is the head of the family, the master of this house, a clergyman, and a man of the world.

A clergyman observed in his sermon, that this was unpardonable, as people did it with their eyes open.

An Irish clergyman insisted that it was the little hamlet of Auburn, in the county of Westmeath.

I have recently found out that she was christened Tabitha—or, anyhow, would have been, if the clergyman had known his job.

An honest clergyman, in the country, was reproving a married couple for their frequent dissensions, seeing they were both one.

It was a little on one side and gave the good clergyman a decidedly rakish appearance.