Proxy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Proxy:

Now, professor, I am ready to do the cooking, but I have a fancy for doing it by proxy.

I'll be at your house—your proxy; I shall do better than Black well.

The blessing was pronounced by Gardiner, and the proxy marriage was completed.

You will wed her—she will bear your name; but you will marry her by proxy, and I shall be your proctor.

Here the ceremony of marriage by proxy was to be solemnized.

There is always a glory in creation, even if it be creation by proxy, so to speak.

Fill out the following form of proxy; sign and seal it, and send it to me.

Or thinking it not orthodoxy, They only let them vote by proxy.

Voting by proxy, long permitted, has been recently abolished.

The Hill cannot be kind and attentive, overpowering or oppressive by proxy.