Fraudulence [noun]

Definition of Fraudulence:


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Sentence/Example of Fraudulence:

For a while, she checked her credit report daily for fraudulent activity.

Investigators at the Justice Department, FBI, IRS and other agencies have joined forces to identify fraudulent borrowers, and in September the government announced it had charged 57 people with trying to steal a total of $175 million.

In the weeks since the election, we've seen a number of similar assertions, claims that because there may have been a route for people to submit a fraudulent ballot that they did so without detection at massive scale.

Asked by ABC News earlier this month, most states indicated that they had seen a few isolated incidents of apparent fraudulent activity.

Not surprisingly, some states have found that a lot of their PUA claims are fraudulent.

This means fraudulent transactions can quickly do a lot of damage.

The physician sending in this material asked us to send to Lippincotts a pamphlet showing the fraudulence of the Oxydonor.

These were not men to take advantage of the impressions they produced, and to gain a subsistence by art and fraudulence.

It was adorned with a handsome ring, on which in all their monstrous fraudulence were the arms of his family.

This trade can scarce be called an imposition; it has been so blown upon with exposures; it flaunts its fraudulence so nakedly.