Slightness [noun]

Definition of Slightness:

deficiency, need

Opposite/Antonyms of Slightness:

Sentence/Example of Slightness:

It was the exotic complexion and the slightness of his build which had put me off so completely.

But as in this latter case, the superficiality and slightness of the work are deceptive.

She felt the slightness of her body and the fragileness of her bones.

But there was about him an air of slightness that was accentuated by his quick movements.

Slight in texture it may be, but slightness is not triviality.

The slightness of the canoe had betrayed what he thought was a shiver.

And she felt acutely her slightness, her girlishness, and her need of his help.

The most curious distinguishable feature was his slightness.

One was young and slender with the slightness of delicate girlhood.

She was impressed with the slightness of the thread on which our destiny hangs, and then by the inevitableness of our lives.