Default [noun]

Definition of Default:

failure; want

Synonyms of Default:

Opposite/Antonyms of Default:

Sentence/Example of Default:

Wherever possible, work from home should still be the default while we try to contain the virus.

Elsewhere, mobile browsers including UC Browser, Brave, Opera Mini and Adblock Browser block ads by default.

Rich results are the details that appear in addition to the default blue links and text descriptions.

The only two options were nofollow links or dofollow links, the latter being the default for all hyperlinks.

What is less known though, is that Google updated the default segment “Performed Site Search” from “sessions” to “users” not long ago.

If we don’t start with one body as the default, we look at how these processes lead to sex differences, then you can start testing hypotheses much better.

Net zero energy buildings, which produce the energy they need on site from renewable sources, increasingly are the default choice.

Because in any type of group people will fall into the default patterns that they always fall into.

We’ve now made clear that they can block robocalls by default if they use those analytical tools.

So you know, the more you get exposed, the more likely you are to create this default in your mind that, you know, acetaminophen or ibuprofen don’t work for me.