Inefficacy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inefficacy:

At that moment the crime and inefficacy of bloodshed, in avenging injuries like his, or any injuries, struck upon his soul.

Let us no less admire the candor with which they relinquished it, upon discovering its irremediable inefficacy.

In the course of my argument I shall show the inefficacy of the confederation.

The countenance of Camilla soon betrayed, to his inquiring eyes, the inefficacy of the Tunbridge journey.

Gentlemen assign as a reason why the embargo should be removed, its inefficacy—that it has not answered the contemplated purpose.

Nothing can be more completely demonstrated than the inefficacy of the embargo, yet that demonstration seems to be of no avail.

Indeed, such instances of the total inefficacy of state laws are not wanting.

To presume otherwise would be to acknowledge the inefficacy of prohibition laws.

Why, indeed, must these bear all the marks of ordinary remedies, on account of their inefficacy?

They themselves will hardly deny the inefficacy of their instructions.