Inaptness [noun]

Definition of Inaptness:

shortage, defect, inability

Opposite/Antonyms of Inaptness:

Sentence/Example of Inaptness:

A moment's relaxation, or inaptness, may forfeit opportunity, offered only by chance and not to be regained by effort.

She started to leave, furious with herself for her inaptness, and instead of going she paused and turned back.

The secret lies in the inaptness of the South Italians for good team work.

In this hope he was deceived by his own inaptness and his adversary's readiness.

The same inaptness and incompetency for general management characterized the English chiefs as at the very beginning of the siege.

The thought of "normal price" is an abstract one, but despite the inaptness of the word it is not without some practical validity.

She stopped, the needle poised above Lee's arm, realizing the inaptness of her remark.

"He has never expressed any anxiety," Grace began, with her inaptness at evasion.

She well knew that her calmness and courage were entirely due to the inaptness of Clameran.