Inflexibility [noun]

Definition of Inflexibility:


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Sentence/Example of Inflexibility:

However, inflexible interpretations of the First Amendment tied our hands in Charlottesville.

It is so inflexible that people marvel over some of the bending it has done so far.

They create bureaucracy with complex approval systems that remove authority from the front line, in favor of inflexible rules-based systems that are not customer-friendly.

Deep, yet not harsh, lines were imprinted on the whole of his countenance, which indicated inflexibility and self-possession.

She must understand now the inflexibility of his character and the intensity of his devotion.

From this out, his own vigour, his own extraordinary individuality and inflexibility carried him through from beginning to end.

The Dauphin is an infant, you will constitute a council of regents, composed of men of inflexibility.

Vossius's desire to have Grotius continue in Holland was so great, that his friend's inflexibility gave him much uneasiness.

The Protestants refused him their supplies, and made him alone suffer for the inflexibility of the Roman Catholics.

An important error to be avoided in rendering a monologue is monotony or inflexibility.