Refusing [verb]

Definition of Refusing:

deny; say no

Opposite/Antonyms of Refusing:

Sentence/Example of Refusing:

At once, Smithson became apologetic, while refusing to retreat.

I like to have a chance of refusing an invitation I yearn for, and then be forced to accept.

You mean that you are refusing to pay me my deposits on my private account?

There will be no passing' by on the other side, no refusing to go into his company.

"'Tis nothing," she answered, refusing his support with feminine reserve.

I opened the gate for him, but he stood aside, refusing to precede me.

"Your refusing it would do no good to Channing," said Mr. Huntley.

She defended herself as far as she could, refusing to see anyone.

This he declined, refusing to desert his family, who were in poverty, and working hard.

He was noble, at least, in refusing to let a third party tell him.