Anxiousness [noun]

Definition of Anxiousness:


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Sentence/Example of Anxiousness:

Portable chairs in hand, we joined the other anxious voters in the line forming.

Beauty providers and their customers are anxious to get back to business as usual, while staying safe.

She grew anxious as Americans flouted recommendations to mask up and avoid crowds, choosing the illusion of normal life over discipline and common sense.

“We are all anxious for the project to reach that stage as quickly and cost-effectively as possible,” the lawmakers wrote.

About 7 in 10 voters say they are anxious about the election, according to an AP-NORC poll this month.

PTSD from the crash also made me avoid doing things I used to love and has turned me into an anxious driver.

For the first time, he started to feel anxious pretty much constantly.

That meant its factories stayed in operation—and that workers in factories and elsewhere had to confront anxious uncertainty about their safety.

Even today, some locals are still recovering from the explosions, anxious at the smell of gas or the gurgle of a water heater.

Last May, lockdown across the world left people isolated and anxious.