Unsatisfied [adjective]

Definition of Unsatisfied:


Synonyms of Unsatisfied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsatisfied:

Sentence/Example of Unsatisfied:

Horatio, who in order to ‘report Hamlet and his cause aright to the unsatisfied,’

Tip listened closely, yet with an unsatisfied longing in his eyes.

No one, my dear sir, shall say that he has an unsatisfied claim against me.

This new feeling was so fresh, so unsatisfied and light of foot.

Your relatives, starting like you, have done a deal of evil, and still they are unsatisfied.

Were I to live, I must henceforth lead a life of unsatisfied desire.

“End all this unsatisfied, feverish life by marrying me,” he pleaded.

I was satisfied, yet unsatisfied, and once again I entreated her.

And even this definition of faith would leave him unsatisfied.

Disappointment and unsatisfied longing ever came with his waking hours.