Satiated [verb]

Definition of Satiated:

stuff, satisfy completely or excessively

Synonyms of Satiated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Satiated:

Sentence/Example of Satiated:

The death of the receiver of taxes had satiated the soldiers.

She listened with a curiosity which drank in every word and yet was not satiated.

He was satiated with cake and tea and compliments that evening and recklessly truthful.

Worn out and satiated with pleasure, I invited them to take some rest.

But the duke was satiated, and his only pleasure lay in novelty.

She then turned to her companion and satiated on her body her fury of lust.

After the sixth assault we were wearied though not satiated.

Are ye not yet satiated with being shut up within the towers?

Twenty-two in all were executed before Berkeley's vengeance was satiated.

This wandering existence, also, satiated his longing for the extraordinary.