Piggish [adjective]

Definition of Piggish:


Opposite/Antonyms of Piggish:


Sentence/Example of Piggish:

What was the use of all that noise and crowding and piggish hurry?

But I do wish you'd eat something—it's so piggish of you not to—really it is!

But, in his piggish way, Messer Simone had a kind of knowledge of men.

He was selfish and priggish and worse, he was piggish—A regular beast of a brute.

Well, I never before believed that Mr. Gander would be so piggish!

Dot was rather inclined to think that this was piggish on Sandys part.

And so I.  To crawl is piggish; but to not crawl, to be as the clod and rock, is loathsome to contemplate.

To be piggish as you and I have been all our lives does not seem to be just the thing for immortals to be doing.

The rabbit beside me hopped a few feet and squatted again, and the fat bear sat up and blinked about him with his piggish eyes.

Suddenly, to his piggish amazement, another figure—a swiftly flying figure—got between him and his way of escape.